*Can’t afford to buy an expensive piece of machinery ?
*Or is your project just too short to justify the investment ?

*Is your bank or financer giving you a hard time to lease you the equipment ?
*You don’t want to have an expensive machine on your balance sheet ?

These are just a few of the reasons to choose for Rental or Short Lease.
We are experienced in local and international rental projects. We provide tracking and tracing of the equipment . We arrange shipment to any location on your request. A European network of local service partners that make sure your machine is up and running.

This could be the most economical solution to your need. Worry-free because we take care of it. 

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Trading used equipment

*Is delivery time for a new machine too long ?
*Can’t afford to or don’t want to buy an expensive piece of machinery ?
*Or is your project just too short to justify the investment ?

Our network of quality suppliers is huge and you can take advantage of that. Our organisation is flexible and we have no high overhead. That means we provide equipment that is not too expensive.
No long delivery times. That is what we offer.

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Trading new equipment

*Looking for alternatives for your local dealer ?
*Are you in an area where there is no representation ?
*You have problems to get is shipped to a remote location in the world ?
*Do you have import restrictions on used equipment ?

We help you with that. Our contact with leading manufacturers of construction equipment are good and up to date. We get you a competitive quotation for your serious equipment inquiry.



*Are you a bank that want commitment or back up on Residual values of equipment ?
*Are you a liquidator who needs help in determining the value of specialized pieces of equipment ?
*“What is my machine worth to date ? “
*“I want to have a machine inspection done in a remote location but I don’t have the time to do it”
*“I received an offer of someone else, but is it competitive ? “

These are just a few services we offer. If you are in need of other expert advise ? Do not hesitate to contact us. You may not need equipment but a second opinion.

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